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We obsess over making your home perfect. 

We approach each project with the integrity and care we would put into our own homes, with family and lifestyle at the forefront of every decision. Consider us your guides through the sometimes uncomfortable process of construction. We set realistic expectations and respect your budget along the way. 


It all began in 1985.

Two brothers, a lot of yellow legal pads, and a ton of quarters in payphones between job sites. Mike Thiede Sr., his wife Marianne, and his brother, George, started small but delivered high quality work and were committed to candid communication. Decade after decade, their roster of word-of-mouth clientele grew.

Fast forward to today. We’re now in the second-generation of ownership, with another set of brothers at the helm. Still maintaining that high-touch, high quality feel. With decades worth of their own hands-on industry experience, they’re keeping us positioned to attack whatever challenge is thrown our way.

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